Warrior Girls from the Stars

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Warrior girls from the Stars
Since the birth of Xarcon’s extraterrestrial genetically engineered offspring, Xaneea, using Spacegirl
Nicki as the “Birth Vehicle”, the Sexoids have been conducting and overseeing the final “Growth Phase”.
By using capture and mind control to introduce the proper mix of Human Female
Hormones and DNA through the “Machine”, a visually basic, yet
internally complex “Feeding Mechanism”, has insured the and brought
to fruition Xaneea’s successful “Final Phase”.

Some problems were encountered when the Spacegirls found they were being
used as “Sexual Nourishment Subjects” and they, in turn, attempted
to destroy and overcome the “Alien
” controlling them. They thought they had broken the grasp
of these forces, only, unknown to them, too late, as the alien progress
was already into the “Training Phase”.

With the completed training of Xaneea on the “Dark
“, Xarcon has been placed back in the warrior
ranks and is leading incursions into the Pleiades

The testing of Xaneea’s abilities have included the powers to “Shape
Shift” into any number of beautiful “Humanoid” female (sci-fi
porn stars
) forms to further propagate the species through many different
forms of advanced “Fertilization”. This “Shape Shifting”
ability will allow Xaneea to attempt to fully integrate into the Spacegirls’
Domain allowing access to the most sexually appealing and active female
humans, adding to the ability to begin the “Domination Phase”
(alien sex and perversions).
Based upon extensive research, Xaneea has taken the form of Jana
, who has been transported to the Spacegirls’ “Main Outpost”
to complete her “Final Integration”…

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